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C-SILK focus on all the things you wear with silk, our silk masterminds use the world’s the finest A-grade long fibred mulberry silk and latest textile technology to design collections. We are committed to delivering a restful, quality sleep for you while preventing and reducing signs of aging and stress.

It's a common misconception that silk is difficult to take care of. Silk is actually quite easy to care for and only requires an extra bit of attention. You want to make sure to wash silk in cold water, and this can be done by hand or in a washing machine on a delicate cycle. We highly recommend using a mesh laundry bag in the washing machine as there can be tiny pieces of plastic or material inside your machine that have gotten nicked by zippers and you may not even know it. Use a delicate detergent that is not full of harsh chemicals (this can be said for any laundry). Something that is more natural based will extend the life of your silk products. You can hang your silk to dry; it doesn’t take too long at all since the fabric is quite lightweight. Or you can put it in a dryer on the lowest heat setting for a short period of time. Don’t keep it in for the full drying cycle, again, it dries very quickly and you don’t want to over expose it to unnecessary heat. After washing, silk can lose a little of its original luster. This is normal. If it has lost All luster you possible used too much detergent and it left a coating, or check to make sure it’s not just inside out. If you want to restore the sheen, a cool-warm iron will bring it right back to life. Using a steam setting can help the iron to glide smoothly across the fabric. Spot treat stains carefully since some stain removal products can cause discoloration to the fabric.