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C SILK EYE MASK Made from luxurious 100% pure 22 momme high-quality grade 6A mulberry silk, our oversized silk eye masks are not only perfectly......

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Made from luxurious 100% pure 22 momme high-quality grade 6A mulberry silk, our oversized silk eye masks are not only perfectly plush, but they’re also filled with 100% pure and natural long strand silk floss. Our silky elastic band is designed to fit all heads, so you can say farewell to any discomfort.

Why 22 Momme Silk Has Better Quality?

The quality of pure mulberry silk is measured by momme weight. The average momme weight for silk ranges from 12 momme - 22 momme. Higher momme equals higher quality. 22 momme being of a higher quality, and a longer expected lifespan. 22 mm silk has almost 20% more silk per square inch than 19 mm does. This denser weave protects the luster and sheen that silk possess and results in stronger durability.

Benefits of C SILK

Anti-aging & Anti Sleep Crease
Stops friction damage to hair and skin
Reduces your chemical exposure
Reduces and prevents wrinkles
Helps skin retain moisture
It’s naturally hypoallergenic

Silk Mask prevents wrinkles

Silk is super smooth texture with very little friction. Friction from tossing and turning causes creases in the skin, but a silky smooth surface can reduce that effect in the long run.


Includes: 1 x Silk filled eye mask
One Size: 4” x 9”
Material: 100% 22 momme mulberry silk (high grade 6A)
Filling: 100% pure and natural long strand silk floss
Weight: 9g

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How to Wash and Dry: Traditionally, silk is hand wash and dry clean only. You want to make sure to wash silk in cold water, and this can be done by hand or in a washing machine on a delicate cycle. You can hang your silk to dry; it doesn’t take too long at all since the fabric is quite lightweight. Or you can put it in a dryer on the lowest heat setting for a short period of time. If you want to restore the sheen, a cool-warm iron will bring it right back to life.

Only Use a PH Neutral Detergent: Because silk is a natural fiber, washing silk fabrics in a detergent that is too acidic or that consists alkaline will cause the delicate fibers of silk to harden. Make sure your detergent clearly reads that it has a “Has a Neutral PH.” This will help maintain the integrity of the fabric with every wash.

Use a Fine Mesh Wash Bag: Investing in a laundry wash bag will certainly help to keep your silk items from tearing, especially if you use a washing machine that has an agitator mechanism. The light fabric of silk can sometimes caught underneath the agitator causing it to tear and pull. These agitators can also have tiny cuts in the plastic caused by other laundry items such as zippers of buttons. Wash bags will help to keep your item from getting caught. For best results we recommend a fine mesh wash bag.

Do Not Wash In Hot Water: High temperatures above 85°F (30°C) can damage silk significantly. It is best to wash all silk products in cold water.

Do Not Use Bleach: Using bleach will harm the silk fabric and cause yellowing to occur.

Do Not Use Fabric Softener: The natural thread fibers of silk combined with the specialized charmeuse weaving technique creates the softest silk products available. There is no need to add fabric softener to the wash as this will only create a residue on the delicate fabric.

Do Not Dry Clean: While dry cleaning won’t damage the silk fabric in any way, there is no reason to incur the extra expense of having our silk items dry cleaned. If machine washing is not an option, then we recommend hand washing instead with a small amount of detergent.

Hang Drying: While our silk products are safe for use in the dryer with low heat, some dryers do not allow for a low tumble setting. To help preserve the integrity of the fabric, we recommend hang drying as an alternative. Place the item on a non-slip hanger and simply air dry. The drying time should only take about 45 minutes depending on the temperature condition of the area.

Tumble Machine Dry: If you prefer to machine dry, then tumble dry using a no-heat setting.

Do Not Use Dryer Sheets: We do not recommend using a dryer sheet. The dryer sheet will only add a wax coating to the fabric and will not help to prevent the fabric from being wrinkled.

Do Not Use Dryer Balls: Dryer balls are sets of balls, either wool or spiky plastic, used to help soften fabrics without chemicals in a tumble clothes dryer. The use of these balls can cause tearing of the delicate silk fabric.

Light Iron Only: All silk products wrinkle after washing however, after a few nights of using them, the silk threads will start to relax and straighten. If you prefer to iron your pillowcases, we recommend doing so only using the lowest setting available. A steam setting will help the iron to glide more smoothly over the fabric.